Selasa, 18 Juni 2013

Tantangan dan Harapan Kurikulum 2013

Tantangan dan Harapan Kurikulum 2013

By Prof. Marsigit
Reflected by Diah Hapsari

After I read the paper, there are somethings that I can conclude. Implementation of Curriculum 2013 certainly had expectations and challenges to be faced. Learning activities in the Curriculum 2013 organized scheme to form the character, build the knowledge, attitudes and practices to improve the quality of life of learners. In addition, teachers are expected to implement innovative learning methods (students-centered) is as a facilitator for their students. Challenges that arise in the implementation of Curriculum 2013 as ontological and psychological problems also arise in hierarchical series of Core Competence and Basic Competence made ​​ranged from elementary school to high school class I to class XII. In addition, innovations learning towards student-centered with constructivism approach is culture, so any development programs or activities related to culture must involve accountability and sustainability.

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